Beentouch started in Italy in 2014 as an idea by Danilo Mirabile and Alberto Longo. Nowadays, one half of the planet is lucky enough to be connected to the internet via a PC or a smartphone. Despite this, one half of them cannot make the most of an internet connection. This is due to overly heavy websites, apps and web services that become unusable in areas with bad internet connection like Africa or India. So, the two decided to put their passion for the digital together with the best technology in order to create a service that would allow everyone to communicate easily in every part of the world. In December 2015 they released the first version of Beentouch, which got covered by the national press. In the end of 2016, they decided to make Beentouch one of a kind and equipped it with the EmotionConnect℠, a feature package that expand the sensory universe during a communication, making every conversation unforgettable. During the journey the team got bigger as well as the goals of the project. Beentouch wants to promote the right to communication in every country of the world and aims to connect half a billion people by 2020.

Danilo Mirabile

I am a business strategist. I put together different competencies to reach goals.

Alberto Longo

I am the operations manager of the company and I take care of the business strategies.

Emanuele Accardo

I am the IT manager of the company. I elaborate the technological strategies for the project.

Federica Munzone

I am the designer of Beentouch and I gave color to the soul of Beentouch, making it unique.

Francesca Ligregni
Marketing assistant

Passionate in marketing. Curious and creative. Traveler in search of new adventures.

Jacopo Paoletti

Marketer, Business Angel, Digital Entrepreneur.

Massimo Ciaglia

I love working with start-ups and think of me as your start-up executive for hire

Maybe You
The next great member

I am smart, curious, passionate and I learn fast. I find soultions out of the box. Careers.